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COOLROOF® Heat Reflective Paint has been designed to give relief from roof heat as it is a high albedo paint having high SRI value which makes it most suitable for roof insulation. This high SRI paint acts as heat reducing paint which can be applied as cool roof coating having single objective of roof insulation. Being a roof cooling and insulation paint, it will act as a protective coating and best summer cool paint. Its solar reflective properties make it one of the most suitable solar reflective paint. In the case of air-conditioned spaces, the power consumption is reduced due to the lowered temperature gradient across the slab. Roof temperatures are reduced up to 20oC depending on the material of the roof.

COOLROOF® Paint is a high emissivity aqueous coating based on acrylic- resins. It is an eco-friendly paint which upon application to cementaceous, asbestos or MS roofing, increases the emissivity of that surface, which results in reflection of heat energy. Apart from this the non-conductive properties it also provides insulative effectiveness through its uniformity.

COOLROOF® Paint can be applied by spraying, roller or brush, making it a very simple-labour product that is easy to apply and can replace bulky conventional and standard insulation materials, and can enhance or replace those existing materials. COOLROOF® Paint saves energy, provides longer life to properties and offers comfort.

COOLROOF® Paint is a high albedo product having Solar Reflectance of 0.95 and Emissivity as high as 0.91. The Solar Reflective Index ( SRI) for COOLROOF® is 122.

COOLROOF® heat reflective paint has SRI value of 122 as per ASTM/LEEDS standards for green buildings. COOLROOF® Paint is one of the very few green building products approved by both of green building bodies in India i.e GRIHA and IGBC for high albedo coatings. COOLROOF® has been included in GRIHA product catalogue under High Albedo Paint category GRIHA Criterion 14 and SWAGRIHA Criterion 2 and 5 and also is listed in approved product directory of IGBC.

VOC ( volatile organic compounds) for COOLROOF® paint is extremely low, 1.34gm per liter.

COOLROOF® Paint has been tested for various critical attributes like adhesion strength, abrasion resistance, water permeability, anti fungal properties etc by a prestigious lab. All the parameters are tested satisfactory such as high SRI value speaks volumes about the quality of COOLROOF® paint.


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