Heat Reflective Paint (Heat Reflective Coating) – If you want to protect your home from the heat of the sun and keep the indoor temperature down, then you need Cool Roof’s heat-reflective paint. Cool Roof Heat Reflective Paint is manufactured by Indian Insulation & Engineering which is applied to the roofs of your home, warehouse and prevents them from being heated by the scorching heat of the sun. Our Cool Roof paint is 100% waterproof. Our paint protects your home from rain, dust, and also from the heat of the sun.

Get the Best Heat Reflective Paint or Heat Reflective Coating in The Market from Indian Insulation and Engineering 

Cool Roof’s heat reflective paint is the best-quality protection paint that improves the insulation properties of walls and the method is also eco-friendly. Moreover, our Heat reflective coating is mostly made in light colour because 60% -90% of the sun’s heat can be reflected by it.

Cool Roof Paint

Our Heat Reducing Paint designs restrict heat coming from the sun. Therefore, with the use of this paint, you can reduce the temperature of the roofs and rooms of your house. Due to the working of the house temperature, the electricity consumption in the summer season will reduce, which also saves your money.

Advantages of Cool Roof – Heat Reflective Coating and Heat Reducing Paint

Heat Reflective PaintThere are many advantages of our Heat Reducing Paint which we have explained in further detail.

  • Cool Roof paint continuously rejects heat coming from solar, resulting in a drastic reduction in roof heat.
  • Our paint sends the warm energy rays on your roof back into the atmosphere.
  • Cool Roof paint use on any roofing material or pavement.
  • Our paint helps reduce global warming and the emission of greenhouse gas which is good for our environment. This paint easily cleans with water as it does not contain any solvents.

Other Benefits of our Heat Reducing Paint

  • Temperatures decrease in buildings and houses.
  • Protect the roof as well as walls from the weather.
  • Low power consumption due to the use of paint.
  • 10 Year Guarantee.
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