High Albedo Paint (High SRI Paint) – Indian Insulation and Engineering produces High SRI Paint or High Albedo Paint which is available in the market as cool roof paint. The SRI value of this paint produced by our company is 122. Our Cool roof paint can be used on all types of roofs. The main purpose of this paint is to keep the roof temperature low because this paint reflects the heat coming from the sun. Moreover, our cool roof albedo coating can reduce the temperature of the roof type.

Why use High SRI Paint or High Albedo Paint?

Our High SRI Paint or High Albedo Paint is used for all types of roofing. It reflects sunlight to a large extent. In addition, even in extreme summers, our paint prevents the roofing material from heating up so that the inside temperature remains low.

It is the best high albedo paint in India which has all the features of heat reflective paint. Due to the constant changes in the weather, now the temperature goes up to a very high level in the summer season, the cooling requirements of the building can be reduced after the use of our paint.

Best Paint for All Types of Roofs 

In addition, our paint keeps your house cool. With the help of our paint, you can reduce the temperature of your roof by 20 degrees. Indian Insulation and Engineering is the only manufacturer and supplier of summer cool paint. We guarantee the high quality of our paints and to last for a long time. We are an old member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Although our company has the right to manufacture heat reflective paints, we only manufacture high-quality SRI paints.

Advantages of Cool Roof Paint – High Albedo Paint – Albedo Coating – High SRI Paint

  • High Albedo PaintOur high albedo paints will provide you with a proper reduction in the cooling requirements of your home as well as building. This reduces the cost of cooling buildings by up to 25%.
  • High albedo paint is mostly used in industrial buildings
  • In cities, the heat level is higher than in the villages because the trees are fewer in the cities and the sunlight falls directly on the buildings, so it is beneficial to use our paint in such a place.

How long will my Cool Roof Paint work?

The quality of any paint varies from 10 to 15 years, but it depends on how the weather is in your area. The weather has a deep effect on paint life.

Ultimate Shield for Your Home

Choose the best paint from a wide range of Cool Roof High SRI paint to make your exteriors last longer. This solar reflective albedo coating property aims to achieve the result of heat reduction of your roof. It is a thermal reflective paint that prevents excessive solar heat from entering the roof. These ultra-durable high-tech external emulsion products act as a shield for your home by preventing excessive heat exposure which makes the walls a highly durable addition. In addition, all of our products are stain-proof and help to reduce spots and deodorization while preventing any odor. Our albedo coatings are the ultimate shield against the attack of dangerous bacteria, their outer emulsions are a complete safeguard for you and your family’s health.

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