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Floor coating to improve impact resistance in industrial shades. Coating on Manglore Tiles roofs for water proof coating gives better strength and aesthetic look. Excellent adhesion with old & new concrete For the new concrete slab (use of 1 to 2% JAL PROOF on the weight of the Portland cement used) a long and trouble free life is achieved. For leakproof over head tanks, Under ground tanks, Basement, Swimming Pools For Bathrooms, Toilet Blocks Filling Cracks & Joints. Stops water penetration in internal & external walls Available in: 1 litre, 5 litre, 10 kg, 50 litre


JALPROOF is acrylic based having the capacity to elongate and recover when exposed to cyclical stress as may be encountered when bridging cracks in masonry and concrete which prolongs service life . MMFT for acrylic coatings is 0 to 5 degree C. JALPROOF is a acrylic coat , hence remains flexible even after 20 years of exposure to external changing conditions. VOC for JALPROOF is extremely low .

JALPROOF is a waterborn acrylic coating and is breathable which means it transmits moist vapour but does not allow water molecules to penetrate. JALPROOF is a UV resistant coating and does not become yellow/brittle in sunlight.

JALPROOF is an acrylic polymer formulated for use in coatings on varieties of surfaces. It is a water proofing liquid incorporated in mortar preparations as a one component having high water proofing properties. The material is used on roof, terrace and walls to prevent water penetration. Even in the internal walls where water is rising, the use of the material seals the water ingress
JALPROOF imparts the following properties

  • Water proofing
  • Increases physical strenght. i.e. Tensile, Compressive, Shear flexural strength.
  • Resistance against chemicals, Alkalis, Solvents
  • Ultra violet resistance

Provides non porous surface.
It dries rapidly and has good adhesion to old and new concretes, brick, wood, metals and many other receiving Surfaces.


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