Sun Reflective PaintSun Reflective Paint – For the best solar reflective coating for your home, you can use Indian Insulation and Engineering‘s Cool Roof paint. By using it, you can keep the roofs of your house or buildings cool. Due to the SRI value being 122, our paint is especially recommended for greenhouses. You can use Cool Roof paint on every type of roof. Whether your roof – made of RCC, made of concrete or made of Metallic appliances.

However, Due to changes in the environment, ultraviolet radiation is increasing on the earth, which is a matter of concern. Now during the summer season, the temperature increases a lot, due to which the temperature inside the rooms also increases significantly. Therefore, If you want to reduce the temperature inside your house, building, warehouse, then you should use solar reflective coating, this will reduce the temperature of your rooms.

Ultimate Sun Reflective Paint by Cool Roof Paint

Cool Roof Sun Reflective Paint plays an important role in keeping your home and buildings cool. With the help of our paint, you can reduce the temperature of the room from 15 to 20 degrees, which is a very low temperature. Our paint is designed keeping Indian homes in mind. Our paint protects your roofs from the heat of the sun for a long time. We guarantee you the long life of our paint.

Moreover, our paints will automatically bring down the cooling requirements of your home or building in the form of high albedo paints. This helps in reducing the cost of cooling the buildings by 20-25%. High albedo paint is used mostly in homes where there is direct sunlight and is used exclusively in industrial buildings. It is beneficial to use it in industrial buildings.

Is Cool Roof Paint being only available in White Colour?

You may have noticed that the black coloured car gets hotter in the summer than the white colour. The reason for this is that black colour absorbs heat more than white colour. Due to which the temperature inside the car is greatly increased and the temperature of the white car is lower than that of the black vehicle. That is why we have fixed our Cool Roof Solar reflective coating in white colour so that it sends the warm energy (rays) coming from the sun back into the atmosphere.

Advantages of using Cool Roof Sun reflective paint: –

  • The first advantage is that this paint reduces the temperature in the rooms of your house, building, warehouse, due to which it becomes easier to keep them cool in the summer season. This causes less air-conditioning to run and also reduces your power consumption. As a result, this paint saves money for a long time.
  • Second, our Cool Roof paint also protects the walls of your home and building. The outer walls of your house have to bear every hit of the weather. Due to which their strength can decrease. Therefore, If you have applied our Cool Roof solar reflective coating on your walls, this paint will help to avoid the weather.
  • The third and most important advantage, we have full confidence in the quality of our Cool Roof Sun reflective paint. That is why we provide 10 years warranty on all our products.

If you want to protect your home or building from heat, then Cool Roof paint is the best product for you. This will protect your house and building from heat and it is also economical. Contact us for more information regarding Cool Roof Paints.

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